Riccardo Crescenzi

Current PhD Students (Supervisor)

Marco Di Cataldo

David Nguyen

Callum Wilkie

Lars Ludolph

Yunxiong Li


Past PhD Students (Supervisor)

Dr Mara Giua [PhD Awarded in June 2014] - Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Roma Tre & Researcher Spatial Economics Research Centre, LSE

Dr Enrico Orru' [PhD Awarded in June 2014] - Executive Staff, Office of the Governor of the Sardinia Region.

Dr Davide Luca [PhD Awarded in December 2015] - 2016/17 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Dr Andrea Ascani [PhD Awarded in March 2016] - Assistant Professor in Economic Geography - Utrecht University (NL)

Dr Alexander Jaax [PhD Awarded in May 2017] - LSE Fellow at the Department of Geography and Environment