My one-in-a-million coauthors

My friend, Brent T. Simpson of the University of South Carolina, once accused me of having “ghost collaborators.”  Apart from the fact that there is absolutely nothing that a scientist gains by making up coauthors who don’t exist, I thought I should take his accusation seriously and prove the existence of my coauthors.  So here are pictures of me with some of my coauthors.

Josephine E. E. U. Hellberg




Kaja Perina




Diane J. Reyniers




Joanne Savage




Mary C. Still




Griet Vandermassen

Because I do research on offspring sex ratios, here is an interesting trivia.  The six sets of parents of my six coauthors pictured above have, between them, had 23 daughters and only one son.  In other words, only one of my six coauthors has a brother, and the rest come from families of only girls.  Three of my coauthors come from families of five girls and no boys.  Given the baseline population offspring sex ratio of .5122 (105 boys for 100 girls), the exact binomial probability that this can happen by chance is 0.0000008302561922048488, less than one in a million.