I was born and brought up in Cornwall, the most South-Westerly county of England, with a strong Celtic tradition. I visit it frequently, having, over time, walked the whole coastline (including rivers and estuaries).

I am now attempting to walk the whole coastline of Britain - in stages. I have walked the whole coastline of England, most of Wales (and a bit of Scotland), and taken about 5000 photographs. I plan to walk the rest of the coastline of Wales. All the walk will eventually be written up in an illustrated book.

I live in the Cathedral city of Winchester in a large Victorian house which I am restoring.

After my degree in mathematics at Cambridge I studied Mathematical Logic under the late Professor R.L. Goodstein, who was particularly interested in "Constructive Methods". This led naturally into computing where many of these methods are applicable. I worked for IBM developing software for Linear and Integer Programming where I got particularly interested in Modelling, realising that it is possible to formulate Integer Programming models in different ways. This also connected to work in Logic. These interests continue.

My first professorial job was as Professor of Management Science at Edinburgh University in Scotland. At Edinburgh I jointly formed the Edinburgh Management Science Partnership and produced the modelling system MAGIC. This has now been written as NEWMAGIC together with the associated solver EMSOL. With this system I can model and solve many large, complex problems.

I still visit Edinburgh often, working with Ken McKinnon. Also, I work closely with Martin Butler (University College, Dublin) on distribution problems and Hong Yan (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) on the links between Integer Programming and Logic. These interests are also shared by John Hooker (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh) with whom I correspond and share occasional visits. I also have visited and correspond with Harvey Greenberg in Denver who has an excellent web-site with associated Mathematical Programming glossary.

I am particularly well known for my books "Model Building in Mathematical Programming" (first published in 1978 and now in a 5th edition) and "Model Solving in Mathematical Programming" (1993) . They contain a lot of original material. They can be found at the Wiley web-site by searching for "Model Building in Mathematical Programming". The models (and data) from the book, written in the NEWMAGIC language, can be found in Models. Extra models, in the fifth edition, are on the Wiley web site, associated with the book: Also, the eight different formulations of the Travelling Salesman Problem, referred to in the paper with Orman, can be found in Models.

My book, "Logic and Integer Programming", can be accessed from the Springer web-site.

I have just published a book on The Red River in Cornwall.