Riccardo Crescenzi

I was awarded the LSE Major Review Teaching Prize for outstanding teaching performance AND the LSE Excellence in Education Award upon promotion to Professor.

I am a Member of LSE Graduate School Board of Examiners (Group 5 Academic Board representative).

Post-graduate - Economics of Local and Regional Development (GY410/GY408.1) (Course Manager and Lecturer - 2008 - to date)

This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the macro and meso-level determinants of regional and local economic development and of the policies influencing these drivers. Various theories and approaches to local and regional economic development, leading to different policy prescriptions, are analysed in order to identify different macro and meso determinants of economic performance (from innovation and human capital to knowledge spillovers and global networks).

Students' feedback on this course: “Very good lecturer. Enjoyed the questions and the structure of the course. Stay excited about  the material helps the students to be enthusiastic” (TQA survey 2011/2012 – GY410, Qualitative Section). “The course is very well designed, and a lot of help and guidance is offered throughout the course” (TQA survey 2011/2012 – GY410, Qualitative Section)

LSE Summer School  - Economics of European Integration (EC235) - (Lecturer - 2014 to date)

This course introduces the main economic aspects of the current development of the European Union (EU) and its policies. The course covers the genesis of the process of European Integration and its economic impacts on individuals, firms and regions. Special attention will be devoted to the analysis of the economic opportunities and challenges generated by economic integration and to the assessment of the policies designed to support this process and mitigate its potential side-effects.

Master Programme - Msc Local Economic Development (Programme Director and Chair of the Exam Board - 2008-2014)

This MSc programme provides students with the specialist skills necessary to understand economic development, to harness the opportunities offered by global economic change, and to develop and evaluate local economic development projects. This MSc programme is highly selective, with, on average, only 42 students chosen among more than 250 applicants with excellent backgrounds from all over the world.

According to the External Evaluation Report 2012: "The programme is a leader internationally and is distinctive in its multi-disciplinary breadth and critical, analytical character. The quality of student work is very high and reflects the excellent teaching staff input from leading international scholars. The highest performing students continue to produce outstanding work. Programme management and procedure are professional, well organised and systematic. Marking standards are consistent and continue to be applied in a fair and rigorous manner. Employability and career development outcomes are also very positive both within academia and beyond".

Undergraduate - Environment, Economy and Society (Economic Geography section) (GY100) (Lecturer - 2008-2014)

The Economig Geography section of the course aims at providing students with an introduction to the analysis of the changing economic geography of the globalized world. Special attention is devoted to the evolution of economic disparities and inequalities between and within countries, to their determinants and to the corresponding development policies.

Students' feedback on this course: “"Very good explanations using examples and development of points raised by students in lectures”. (TQA survey 2011/2012 – GY100, Qualitative Section).” “Helpful: involving class in the lecture and the way slides were related explicitly back to the objectives/key themes” (TQA survey 2011/2012 – GY100, Qualitative Section).

Teaching material is available on the LSE Moodle page of each course (Restricted Access).

I am also regularly teaching at the University of Roma Tre (Italy), Economics Department (Regional Economics - Post-Graduate and PhD Level), at the College of Europe (Belgium), in Executive Education Programmes by Enterprise LSE (LSE Masterclasses in the Social Sciences - Spain) and other training programmes for Policy Makers and Government Officials (e.g. SMEI-III Project - Albania; CIDE Region Centro - Mexico). I was also Guest Lecturer for the 28th International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG) 2014 at the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography, University of Hannover (Germany).