Salvatore Di Falco

 Research Associate at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment LSE

  Professor in Environmental Economics, Economics Department,   University of Geneva


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Contact Details:  Department of Economics, University of Geneva, UniMail 40, Bd du Pont D'Arve 1211

Geneva - Switzerland


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Salvatore Di Falco completed a first degree in Economics at the University of Palermo (Italy). He was awarded a MSc in Economics and a PhD in Environmental Economics from the University of York (UK). He also hold a Doctorate in Agricultural Economics from the University of Catania (Italy). He held a Lectureship in Environment and Development at the LSE and in Applied Economics at the University of Kent. He also held  postdoctoral positions at the National University of Ireland, University of Maryland and the University of East Anglia. He was visiting Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

He is honorary Lecturer at the Imperial College London and Research Fellow at the Environment for Development Initiative Ethiopia centre (

He is an Associate Editor of Environment and Development Economics (Cambridge University Press) and of

Food Security (Springer).


Salvatore's research focuses on the intersection between environmental and development economics using econometric models. He has analyzed the contribution of natural resources such as biodiversity on agricultural productivity, food security, and weather risk in arid environments. His work also focuses on the role of institutional structures (common property forests) on natural resource conservation, rural development and poverty reduction. More recent work includes the impact of social capital and traditional sharing norms on consumption, saving accumulation, investment decisions and adaptation to climate change.


  • Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Low-Income Countries: Household Level Evidence from the Nile Basin, Ethiopia (2012) . Environmental and Resource Economics. Forthcoming (link) - with Mahmud Yesuf, Gunnar Kohlin and Claudia Ringler

  • On the Productive Value of Crop Biodiversity: Evidence from the Highlands of Ethiopia (2012). Land Economics  Volume 88, Number 1 (link) - with  Jean-Paul Chavas

  • On the Role of Risk Versus Economies of Scope in Farm Diversification With an Application to Ethiopian Farms (2012). Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol. 63, No. 1 (link) - with  Jean-Paul Chavas

  • A Dark Side of Social Capital? Kinship Consumption and Savings 2011. Journal of Development Studies Issue 8  (link) -with Erwin Bulte

  • Does Adaptation to Climate Change Provides Food Security? A Micro Perspective from Ethiopia 2011 American Journal of Agricultural Economics (link) - with Marcella Veronesi and Mahmud Yesuf

  • Seeds for Livelihood. Crop Biodiversity and Food Production in Ethiopia 2010.  Ecological Economics 69 (80) (link) - with Mintewab Bezabih and Mahmud Yesuf

  • On Crop Biodiversity, Risk Exposure and Food Security in the Highlands of Ethiopia 2009.  American Journal of Agricultural Economics  91(3) (link) - with Jean-Paul Chavas