Mogens Hobolth
PhD in European Studies

Europeanizing national public administrations

Last updated August 14, 2013

Together with associate professor Dorte Martinsen, University of Copenhagen, I am currently carrying out a research project investigating new mechanisms of network governance aimed at improving the member states application of European law.

After the European Union adopts new legislation the member states are resposible for the implementation. How they in practice apply EU law is thus highly important for what rights, opportunities and limitations European rules and norms actually give.

For this reason it is important to study how EU legislation is interpreted by national public administrations, and how the European Union attempts to supervise, improve and manage the member states application of European law.

The aim of the project is to enhance our empirical and theoretical understanding of one specific new network based dispute resolution mechanism, which have been introduced in Europe to improve the member states application of European law.

The first result of the research project is a peer-reviewed article published in Journal of European Public Policy.

If you are interested in learning more about the project please contact me.