Mogens Hobolth
PhD in European Studies

Publications and papers

Last updated August 14, 2013

Peer reviewed articles

Hobolth, Mogens (forthcoming): "Researching Mobility Barriers: The European Visa Database", Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Hobolth, Mogens and Martinsen, Dorte (2013): "Transgovernmental networks in the European Union: improving compliance effectively?", Journal of European Public Policy, published online

PhD thesis

Hobolth, Mogens (2012): "Border control cooperation in the European Union: the Schengen visa policy in practice", PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Examiners: Professor Sandra Lavenex and Professor Simon Hix

Working papers

Hobolth, Mogens (2011): "European visa cooperation: interest politics and regional imagined communities", LSE 'Europe In Question' Discussion Paper Series (LEQS), No. 34/2011, May 2011 (First prize winner LEQS Doctoral Paper Competition 2010)

Policy papers and blog posts

Hobolth, Mogens (2012): "The increase in asylum seekers from the Balkans was a predictable consequence of a foreign policy driven visa liberalisation", European Politics and Policy (EUROPP), London School of Economics and Political Science

Meloni, Annalisa and Hobolth, Mogens (2011): "Promoting the free movement of people between the EU and its Neighbourhood", EU4Seas Policy Paper, The EU and sub-regional multilateralism in Europe’s sea basins: Neighbourhood, Enlargement and Multilateral Cooperation, EU 7th Framework Research Programme

Conference papers

Hobolth, Mogens and Czaika, Mathias (2013): "The effect of asylum and visa policy on irregular and forced migration flows" , presented at the 54th ISA Annual Convention 3-6 April 2013, San Francisco, California, USA

Hobolth, Mogens and Thielemann, Eiko (2013): "Numbers vs. Rights? On Trade-Offs in Refugee and Visa Policy" , presented at the International Migration Institute (IMI) Seminars, 9 May 2012, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Hobolth, Mogens (2012): "Wanted and unwanted travelers: explaining variation in the openness of the European Union’s external border" , presented at the London Migration Research Group (LMRG) seminar series, Research Methods and Migration Studies: Talking Across Disciplines, 19 February 2013, London, UK

Hobolth, Mogens (2012): "Stemming the 'tide' of migrants and refugees? European visa-issuing practices in a comparative perspective" , presented at the European Internal Security conference, European University Institute (EUI), 23-25 April 2012, Florence, Italy

Hobolth, Mogens (2006): "Governing the borders of Europe: the establishment of the Frontex agency", presented at the Challenge Training School 'Security, Technology, Borders. EU responses to new challenges', Center for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 6 – 7 October 2006


Hobolth, Mogens (2010): "Fortress Europe: more open to some", poster presented at the post-graduate PhD exhibition 'Relating Research to Reality: Interdisciplinary Ideas for a Changing World', London School of Economics and Political Science, 26 May 2010