Dirk Jenter

Associate Professor of Finance
CEPR Research Fellow

London School of Economics
Department of Finance
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE

Office: CON 2.15

E-mail: d.jenter@lse.ac.uk

Curriculum Vitae

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Administrative Support:
Elisabeth Mincin
Office: OLD 3.04
Phone: +44 (0)20 7107 5047
E-mail: E.C.Mincin@lse.ac.uk

Corporate Governance at LSE video on CEO Compensation:


Performance-induced CEO Turnover
with Katharina Lewellen
The Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

Executive Compensation: A Survey of Theory and Evidence
with Alex Edmans and Xavier Gabaix
Handbook of the Economics of Corporate Governance,
Hermalin, B.E., Weisbach, M.S. (Eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2017

CEO Preferences and Acquisitions (Internet Appendix)
with Katharina Lewellen
Journal of Finance, Vol. 70 No. 6, 2813-2851, December 2015
CEO Turnover and Relative Performance Evaluation (Internet Appendix)
with Fadi Kanaan
Journal of Finance, Vol. 70 No. 5, 2155-2183, October 2015
Best Corporate Finance Paper at the 2006 Western Finance Association Meeting

Security Issue Timing: What Do Managers Know, and When Do They Know It? (Internet Appendix)
with Katharina Lewellen and Jerold B. Warner
Journal of Finance, Vol. 66 No. 2, April 2011

Institutional Cross-holdings and Their Effect on Acquisition Decisions
with Jarrad Harford and Kai Li
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 99 No. 1, January 2011
CEO Compensation
with Carola Frydman
Annual Review of Financial Economics, Vol. 2, December 2010

Employee Sentiment and Stock Option Compensation
with Nittai Bergman
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 84 No. 3, June 2007

Market Timing and Managerial Portfolio Decisions
Journal of Finance, Vol. 60 No. 4, August 2005
Nominated for the Brattle Prize for the Best Corporate Finance Paper in the Journal of Finance

Selling Company Shares to Reluctant Employees: France Télécom’s Experience (Internet Appendix)
with Francois Degeorge, Alberto Moel and Peter Tufano
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 71 No. 1, January 2004

Working Papers and Work-in-Progress:

The Market for CEOs
with Peter Cziraki

Shareholder Liability and Bank Failure
with Felipe Aldunate, Arthur Korteweg, and Peter Koudijs

Does Board Size Matter?
with Thomas Schmid and Daniel Urban

Good and Bad CEOs
with Egor Matveyev and Lukas Roth

Tax Distortions in Corporate Ownership

with Rüdiger Fahlenbrach and Eric Nowak

Long-term CEO Incentives
with Katharina Lewellen

Permanent Working Papers:

Executive Compensation, Incentives, and Risk
April 2002
Award for the Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper at the 2001 SFA Meeting