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Useful material
  • Importing data from Excel into Stata and the Card data as Excel workbook to try it out.
  • If you use Stata regularly you might want to think about integrating Stata with an external editor. My personal favorite is WinEdt. I like the general style of the program as well that I can use Stata and Latex in the same program. The drawback is that WinEdt is not free. If you want to use WinEdt (Version 5) for Stata do-files you need to install the Stata add on. The command highlighting is a little outdated I think, but it works for me. If you want to use Latex and Stata you should also install AutoMode, a tool that switches your configuration automatically from Stata to Latex and back.

    Note: After installing Auto Mode as described on the website you will need to open the file "opt_menu.edt".
    There you will see a line: Assign(`anchor`, `{@ |@<}{Item:&Dictionary\.\.\.}>+ {Code:}+[0-9]>+{Image:}+[0-9]`);
    Which needs to be changed to: Assign(`anchor`, `{@ |@<}{Item:&Dictionary Manager\.\.\.}>+ {Code:}+[0-9]>+{Image:}+[0-9]`);
    Otherwise Auto Mode will give you nothing but an error message.

    A free alternative is Notepad++. This editor is extremely quick to start and is my favorite tool when I have a quick look at some file. I haven't used Notepad++ with Stata myself, but there you can find step-by-step instructions here.
    If you are not using Windows or would prefer another editor, you can find an extensive list of alternatives here.
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