Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Economics (2005), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M.A. Economics, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina

B.S. in Economics (1996), Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Academic Appointments

2016-        Associate Professor, Managerial Economics and Strategy Group, LSE

2012-16    Assistant Professor, Managerial Economics and Strategy Group, LSE

2012-        Research Associate, Center of Economic Performance, LSE

2015-        Research Fellow, Center for Economic Policy Research

2011-12    Visitor, Economics Department, LSE

2005-11    Assistant Professor, Finance and Economics, Columbia GSB


Previous Appointments

2003        Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C

1999-00    Advisor, Argentine Ministry of Economics, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Professional Activities

Ad Hoc Referee

American Economic Review, Economica, Economic Enquire, International Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Growth, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Finance, Journal of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Macroeconomic Dynamics, B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Regional Science, Review of Corporate Finance Studies, Review of Economic Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics


Review of the Book “On the Brink of Deglobalization: An Alternative Perspective on the Causes of the World Trade Collapse”, by Peter A.G. van Bergeijk. Journal of Economic Literature. Vol. 44, September 2011.

"How US corporations structure their international production chains", with Natalia Ramondo and Kim Ruhl. October 7, 2015.

“Dissecting the Effect of Credit Supply on Trade”, with Daniel Paravisini, Philipp Schabl, and Daniel Wolfenzon. July 27, 2011.


Fellowships and Awards

2011        Rothschild Caesarea Center Annual Conference Best Paper Award

2011        Jerome Chazen Institute of International Business Research Grant

2000-02   Estenssoro/Fulbright Graduate Fellowship

1997-09   Graduate Fellowship, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

1996        Honors "Magna Cum Laude", Universidad de Buenos Aires


Seminars and Conference Presentations


UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Paris Trade Seminar, CEMFI, Society of Economic Dynamics – Warsaw, European Research Workshop in International Trade – Paris, Banco de Espaņa, Helsinki Center of Economic Research.


AEA Meetings Philadelphia, Oxford University, V Annual Conference of
LACEA’s Trade, Integration, and Growth Network – Santiago de Chile,
XVII Workshop in International Economics and Finance – San Jose de
Costa Rica.


AEA Meetings San Diego, Bilkent University, Central Bank of Turkey, ECARES Brussels, University of Munich, Society of Economic Dynamics – Seoul.


Arizona State University, University of California at Davis, Stanford University, NBER International Trade and Investment Group, Paris School of Economics, Society of Economic Dynamics – Cyprus, CEP/CAGE Workshop on Trade – Venice (discussant), NBER SI International Monetary and Finance Group (discussant), IPA Impact and Policy Conference – Bangkok, Heriot Watt University.


NBER International Trade and Investment Group, NBER International Monetary and Finance Group, NBER Corporate Finance Group , Royal Economic Society Conference – London, Centro de Economia Monetaria y Finanzas (CEMFI), Rothschild Caesarea Center 8th Annual Conference – Herzliya, University of Tel Aviv, Society of Economic Dynamics – Ghent, Annual Meeting of the European Economic Association – Oslo, IGC International Growth Center – London, London School of Economics, Royal Holloway, Harvard University, World Bank, INSEAD, Princeton University


London School of Economics, Centro de Economia Monetaria y Finanzas - Madrid (CEMFI), Society of Economic Dynamics – Montreal, Universidad DiTella – Buenos Aires, Banco Central de la Reserva de Peru – Lima, Ohio State University


Tel Aviv University, University of British Columbia, XI Workshop of International Economics and Finance, UTDT – Montevideo, Society of Economic Dynamics – Istanbul, Latin-American and Caribbean Economic Association – Buenos Aires


Harvard University, Third Annual Conference on Global Interdependence – CREI Barcelona, Latin America and Caribbean Economic Association – Rio de Janeiro, Society of Economic Dynamics – Boston, NBER University Research Conference (Discussant)


Society of Economics Dynamics – Prague, Stanford University, FRB San Francisco, UC Berkeley, U. Maryland, International Trade Workshop at FRB Philadelphia


University of Amsterdam, University of Houston, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, North American Econometric Society – Minnesota, Wharton, University of Houston


World Bank, FRB of Boston, George Washington University, University of Stockholm, CREI-Univerysity Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Rutgers University




“Horizontal vs. Vertical FDI: Revisiting Evidence from U.S. Multinationals” (2016), with Natalia Ramondo and Kim Ruhl. Journal of International Economics 98(1), pp. 51-59.

“Risk Aversion and Wealth: Evidence from Person-to-Person Lending Portfolios” (2015), with Daniel Paravisini and Enrichetta Ravina. Forthcoming at Management Science.

“Dissecting the Effect of Credit Supply on Trade: Evidence from Matched Credit-Export Data” (2015), with Daniel Paravisini, Daniel Wolfenzon, and Philipp Schnabl. The Review of Economic Studies, 82(1), pp. 333-359.

Rothschild Caesarea Center 8th Annual Academic Conference Best Paper Award.

“The Proximity-Concentration Tradeoff under Uncertainty” (2013), with Natalia Ramondo and Kim Ruhl. The Review of Economic Studies 80 (4), pp. 1582-1621.

“The Role of Multinational Production in a Risky Environment” (2010), with Natalia Ramondo. Journal of International Economics 81, pp. 240-252.

“Persistence of Dollarization after Price Stabilization” (2009). Journal of Monetary Economics 56, pp. 979-989.

“Financial Safety Net and Regional Integration” (2003), with Jose Luis Machinea. In Integracion y Comercio 20, Inter-American Development Bank.


Working Papers

“Specialization in Bank Lending: Evidence from Exporting Firms” (2015), with Daniel Paravisini and Philipp Schnabl.


Work in Progress

“The Perfect Match: Assortative Matching in International Acquisitions”, with Maria Guadalupe, Bernard Salanie, and Catherine Thomas.

“The Birth of a Multinational”, with Jim Goldman and Maria Guadalupe.

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