Data from my book on interwar Germany

Albrecht Ritschl
Professor of Economic History
London School of Economics

Deutschlands Krise und Konjunktur.
Binnenkonjunktur, Auslandsverschuldung und Reparationsproblem zwischen Dawes-Plan und Transfersperre 1924-1934
Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 2002

To cite this database, please make reference to the book, not to this website.
Data are documented extensively in the book. The download files are Excel spreadsheets.
Data cells are linked across the tables to make data construction and definitions more transparent.

Appendix Tables A and B A: Public sector, by fiscal year, calendar year, some quarterly series, 1924-1938

B: Annual national accounts, 1925-1938

Appendix Table C1 Corrected quarterly employment series, 1925-1938

Appendix Table C2
15 other quarterly series, including output, private consumption, capital stock, money, CPI etc.

Appendix Table D
Monetary base, M1, M2, and their components, revised annual data, 1924-1943

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Albrecht Ritschl, May 1, 2009