1 - General:

Born 16 April 1975 in Nice (France).
French Citizenship.
Languages: Fluent in French, English and Spanish. Basic Russian.

2 - Positions:

2001-present: Senior Lecturer (previously lecturer) in Political Science and European Politics: Department of Government, London School of Economics and Political Science

2007-present: Occasional guest professor, Universite Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne

2007: Guest researcher, University of Melbourne, Contemporary Europe Research Centre

2004-present: Guest professor, Australian National University, National Europe Centre

2004-present: Guest professor, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg

1999-2001: Lecturer in Politics: Department of Politics, University of Hull

2001: Guest lecturer, Ramkhamaeng University Bangkok

1997-1999: Teaching Assistant in Political Science: Department of Political Science, University of Houston (USA)

3  - Professional Functions:

2009-present: External Examiner, Trinity College Dublin

2006-present: Member of the Editorial Board Social Science Quarterly

2006-present: External Examiner, Birbeck University London

2000-2001: Editor of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for European Union Studies Research Papers Series (ISSN 0968 9281)

1999-2001: Member of the Executive Board and Researcher: Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for  European Union Studies, University of Hull. Jointly in charge of the Centre’s academic workshops and conferences

4 – Publications Published or In Print:


The Future of our Democracies? Young Party Members in Six European Democracies. Bruter, Michael and Harrison, Sarah. (Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming, 2009)

Mapping Extreme Right Ideology. Bruter, Michael and Harrison, Sarah. (Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming 2009)

From the Engine Room: Methods and Approaches in the Social Sciences. Co-edited with Martin Lodge.

Citizens of Europe?: The Emergence of a Mass European Identity.  Palgrave-MacMillan. (2005)

Encyclopaedia of European Parliament Elections. Bruter, Michael and Deloye, Yves, editors.  (2007). French version published by Economica in 2005. Co-author of introduction, conclusion and 8 articles.


2009: 'Time Bomb: The Dynamic Effect of News and Symbols on the Political Identity of European Citizens'. Comparative Political Studies vol. 42.12 (December, Forthcoming)

2009: 'Tomorrow's Leaders? Understanding the Involvement of Young Party Members in Six European Democracies.' Comparative Political Studies with Sarah Harrison. vol. 42.10 (October, Forthcoming)

2007: ‘The Symbols of the European Union’ in WeltTrends (German Journal of Comparative Politics)

2006: 'Symbolic Power' in E-Sharp. January-February. 46-48.

2005: ‘Developments in the Member-States’ in Journal of Common Market Studies annual review.  

2004: ‘On what Citizens Mean by Feeling “European”: Perceptions of News, Symbols, and Borderless-ness’. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. (January)

2004: ‘Developments in the Member-States’ in Journal of Common Market Studies annual review (September): 135-152.

2003: ‘Winning Hearts and Minds for Europe: the impact of news and symbols on civic and cultural European identity’. Comparative Political Studies (December)

2003: ‘Developments in the Member-States’ in Journal of Common Market Studies annual review. (September): 137-156.

1999: ‘Diplomacy without a State: the external delegations of the European Commission’ in Journal of European Public Policy 6/2 (June): 183-205.


2008: 'Europe From Within, Europe from Without: Understanding Spontaneous Perceptions of the European Union in the Asia-Pacific' in Chaban, Natalia and Holland, Martin (eds) The European Union and the Asia Pacific. Chapter 5. 

2008: 'In the Face of Europe: Citizens, Symbols, and European Identity' in Meyer, Thomas and Vorholt, Udo (eds) Identität in Europa. Bochum: Projektverlag: 31-58.

2005: 'Voting Behaviour in European Capital Regions: The case of London. In Vanaclocha (ed). Voting Behaviour in European Capital Regions (New York: Dykinson)

2005: ‘Changing Diplomacy with a Changing Non-State? The External Delegations of the European Union and the New EU Constitution’ in Beneyto, JM et al. (eds) European Union at Twenty-Five: Political and Economics Challenges. Madrid: Dykinson: 65-71.

Articles in Deloye, Y. (ed) Dictionnaire des Elections Europeennes. Paris: Economics - French equivalent of the Encyclopaedia of European Election published with Palgrave MacMillan. (See books)

2004 ‘Measuring European identity: lessons from a comparative pilot study on the emergence of a mass European identity in Britain, France, and the Netherlands’ in Thomas Risse, Richard Herrmann, Marilyn Brewer (eds).  Europeanization and Multiple Identities.

2000: ‘From international co-operation to identity: four phases of development of French public opinion on Europe’ in Teresa Lunati and Suzanne Stern-Gillet (eds). Historical, Cultural, Socio-Political and Economic Perspectives on Europe. London: Edwin Mellen

2000: Urbanity and European Identity. Hull: Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for European Union Studies: Research Papers Series.

1999: ‘Governments’ attitudes and public opinion in Central and Eastern Europe: is there a common European conception of human rights’ in Len Costa and Stephen Fromhart (eds). East Meets West: The Challenge of Enlarging the European Union. New York: Columbia University. 151-163.

1998: ‘Between community and unity: the symbols of European integration’ in Georgetown University Center for German and European Studies: The Future of European Integration. Washington D.C.: CGES monographs.

5 – Books and Articles under Revision for Invited Resubmission or under Review:

'The Extreme Right Chessboard' under review by British Journal of Political Science. with Sarah Harrison

'Uncertain Candidates, Valence, and the Dynamics of Candidates Position Taking' under review by Public Choice. with Robert Erikson and Aaron Strauss.

Citizenship and Identity in the New Europe proposal under review by Palgrave Macmillan.

 ‘Regionalist Parties and European Integration’ for European Journal of Political Research (R&R)

‘Uncertainty and the design of representational systems in new Central European democracies’ (Revise and Resubmit British Journal of Politics and International Relations)

‘News and support for European integration’ with Prof. Cees van der Eijk Communication Studies (about to be submitted)

6 - Grants and Funding:

2009-2011: ESRC: 'Feeling European?'

2009-2001: Abbey Santander Grant: 'Young party members in Europe and Latin America'

2008-2010: Seed Research Fund: 'Coding Extreme Right Party Manifestoes'

2006-2009: Research Seed grant: 'Cynicism and protest in seven European democracies'

2006-2008: Columbia-LSE grant: 'The equilibrium of party programmes in modern democracies' with Robert S. Erikson

2006-2008: STICERD: 'Testing the four pillars model: the discourse of extreme right party elites in five democracies'.

2004-2007: Leverhulme. ‘What brings you here?’ The motivations of young party members in six European democracies. 2004-2007.

2002: STICERD. Grant to subsidise the organisation of two workshops on ‘Between cynicism and idealism: European citizens, democratic participation, and political systems’.

2000: ESRC. Grant for the project: ‘Understanding Identity Realignments: Symbols, News, and European Identity.’ (Ref: R000 22 3463). The project is a six-country comparative experiment organised as a panel study in 2001-2002 in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Sweden

2000: Funding from the Reitmeyer Fund, Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut) for a pilot project on the impact of symbols of European integration and exposure to media on individual-level feelings of European identity in France and the UK.

2000: Funding from the Department of Political Science, Universiteit van Amsterdam for an extension of the project on the impact of symbols of European integration and exposure to media on individual-level feelings of European identity to the Netherlands.

1996: Funding from the Zellidja Foundation for an undergraduate study on the political and economic development of mountain areas in Central and Eastern Europe.

  7 - New Grant Applications:

2007: Co-ordinator of the proposed FP7 European Network project DREAM

2005: Comparative study of voting behaviour in the referenda on a European Constitution - a comparison of six countries. (with Cees van der Eijk and Lauren McLaren, University of Nottingham)

2005: Vote seeking or policy seeking? Simulating parties' manifestoes equilibria in democratic elections (with Robert Erikson, Columbia University, USA)

8 - Education:

2001: University of Houston, USA: PhD. Dissertation and comprehensive exams with distinctions in comparative politics, research methods and American politics; grade point average: 3.85/4.

1998: University of Bordeaux, France: DEA (Master's) with Distinction in European Political and Economic History

1997: University of Hull, UK: MA with Distinction in European Studies.

1996: Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux, France: Diplôme (Bachelor’s).

9 - Theses and Dissertations:

2001: ‘Understanding the Emergence of a Mass European Identity.’ PhD Dissertation.

Supervised by Professor M.N. Franklin, Professor C. van der Eijk, Professor R.S. Erikson, Professor R.M. Duch, Professor S. Scarrow, Professor D. Lutz. Professor K. Tedin.

1998: ‘Les Politiques Urbaines Peuvent-Elles Etre Efficaces? L'Exemple Britannique de 1979 à Nos Jours’ (Can Urban Policy Work? The British Example from 1979 to today) – DEA Thesis . Supervised by Professor F.C. Mougel, University of Bordeaux - Distinction

1997: ‘Degree of Urbanity and European Attitudes’. MA Thesis. Supervised by Professor E.C. Page, University of Hull - Distinction

1996: ‘Les Délégations Extérieures de la Commission Européenne: Un Instrument Moderne de Diplomatie Communautaire?’ (The External Delegations of the European Commission: A Modern Tool of European Diplomacy?). Diplôme Dissertation. Supervised by Professor D. Bourmaud, Institute of Political Studies, Bordeaux - Distinction

10 - Selected Conference Papers (ONLY 2000-2004: FULL LIST AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST)

Guest speaker and keynote speaker in a number of departments, institutions, and universities, including: the European Parliament, National conference Centre, Wellington, New Zealand, the Association Francaise de Science Politique, Nuffield College Oxford, Trinity College Dublin, the European University Institute, Sheffield University, etc.

2004: ‘Is European identity a factor in vote in the European Parliament elections?’ European Parliament and AFSP, November.

2004: ‘European identity and attitudes towards integration.’ University of Melbourne (August)

2004: ‘The European extreme right: discursive patterns and citizens’ support’ Australian National University. (August)

2004: ‘Political communication and political identities’ Australian National University. (August)

2004: ‘Explaining participation in European Parliament elections’ IEP Strasbourg and European Parliament (March)

2004: ‘The external delegations of the European Union and the Constitution’ CEU Madrid (March)

2002: ‘Political identity and public policy: the puzzle of integration’: ARENA Oslo (October)

2002: ‘Understanding European identity’: American Political Science Association, Boston (Mass.) (Forth, September)

2002: ‘An experiment on the media and citizens’ attitudes on Europe’: Nuffield College, Oxford. Seminar Series (forth. June)

2002: ‘European identity and Europeanness’: Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago (Illinois).

2001: ‘Preliminary findings on a six-country comparative experiment on European identity. ID-NET Project (European Commission sponsored network for the study of European identities) – Florence, European University Institute.

2001: ‘Symbols of European integration and Mass European Identity in France, Britain, and the Netherlands’: Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago (Illinois).

2000: ‘How to measure European Identity: Civic and cultural components, distinction with support for integration and evidence of nested identities’: Conference on multiple identities at the Robert Schumann Centre, European University Institute, Florence (Italy).

2000: ‘Explaining the Design of Electoral Systems in New Central European Democracies’: Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago (Illinois).

11 - Doctoral Students:

Three successfully completed PhDs:

Pierre Hausemer (2007): Government of the People and for the People? Legislative Specialisation and Party Representation in the European Parliament.

Achim Goerres (2007): Political Participation of Older People in Europe.

Apostolis Dimitropoulos (2004): Social Dynamics of Student Mobility in the European Union.

Four Currently supervised PhDs:

Chiara Jasson (since 2004): Towards a European Public Sphere? The Media and the Project of a European Constitution in the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

Sarah Harrison (since 2005): Understanding the European Extreme Right: Parties, Leaders, and Voters

Outi Ruusurvita (Since 2007): The Effect of Voting Advice Applications in Europe

Julie Vogt (From 2008): Regional Co-operation and European Identity

Also, external examiner in three PhD committees, internal examiner in two PhD committees, (past or present) advisor for four students.

12 - Miscellaneous Professional Experience:

1995 and 96: Employed by the French Foreign Ministry to lecture on the European project, French politics, and West European politics to high school and university teachers in Romania (1995, 1996) and Moldova (1995).

13 - Membership in Research Networks and Associations:

Various including APSA, UACES, EPOP, PSA, ID-NET (EU sponsored network for the study of European identities), etc.