Text Box: Work in Progress 
- The effect of industrial policy on corporate performance: Evidence from panel data (with Ralf Martin, Henry Overman and John Van Reenen)
- Services Traders in the UK (with Holger Breinlich)
- Offshoring of services and productivity: evidence from new microdata, mimeo. 
- Product and Process innovation, do they matter for productivity growth?; mimeo. 
- Are financial institutions good for productivity?, mimeo. 
- Embeddedness and survival of foreign subsidiaries in the UK; (with Paola Criscuolo) 
- How much does global size matter for the Multinationals productivity advantage?; (with Ralf Martin and Mirabelle Muuls) 
Published Papers 
- Multinationals and the US productivity leadership: evidence from Britain; (with Ralf Martin) accepted Review of Economics and Statistics 
- Productivity, Exporting and the Learning-by-Exporting Hypothesis: Direct Evidence from UK Firms; (with Gustavo Crespi and Jonathan Haskel), Canadian Journal of Economics 
- Measuring and Understanding Productivity in UK Market Services (with Gustavo Crespi; Jonathan Haskel; Denise Hawkes) Oxford Review of Economic Policy Volume 22, Issue 4, 2006
- Foreign affiliates in OECD economies: presence, performance and contribution to host countries OECD Economic Studies, 41, 2005(2), pp109-139 and STI Working Paper 2005/8 
- Import Competition, Productivity, and Restructuring in UK Manufacturing (with Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin) Oxford Review of Economic Policy Volume 20, Issue 3, 2004
- Building the evidence base for productivity policy using business data linking; (with Jonathan Haskel and Ralf Martin) Economic Trends, November 2003. 
- E-commerce and Productivity; (with Kathryn Waldron) Economic Trends, November 2003.
- Electronic Commerce and Business Change; (with Tony Clayton) Economic Trends, June 2002. 
Chapters in Books 
- The contribution of foreign affiliates to productivity growth: evidence from OECD countries; in Yearbook on Productivity 2005, Statistics Sweden. 
- Enterprise e-commerce; measurement and impact; (with Tony Clayton, Peter Goodridge and Kathryn Waldron, ONS) in the OECD proceedings volume on: the economic impacts of ICT; measurement, evidence and policy implications 2004 
 Explaining Firms' Heterogeneity in Productivity and Wages:Ownership, Innovation and Size, University of London, 2004.
Working papers 
- Productivity Growth; Knowledge Flows and Spillovers (with Gustavo Crespi; Jonathan Haskel and Matthew Slaughter) NBER Working paper, 13959.
- Information Technology, Organisational Change and Productivity growth: evidence from UK firms; (with Gustavo Crespi and Jonathan Haskel), Queen Mary Department of Economics Working paper, No 558.
- Global engagement and the innovation activities of firms (with Jonathan Haskel and Matthew J. Slaughter); NBER Working paper, 11479
- Innovation and Productivity growth in the UK: evidence from CIS2 and CIS3; (with Jonathan Haskel) Ceriba Working Paper, 2003. 
- Innovations, productivity growth and government policy: first results from the matched CIS/ARD data set; with Jonathan Haskel mimeo, June 2002.
- Employer Size Wage Effect: a critical review and econometric analysis; Quaderni del dipartimento di Economia Politica, Universita' degli Studi di Siena, n.277, Gennaio 2000. 
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