OECD NESTI meeting and workshop

Cost/ESF Workshop, Leuven

NBER Summer Institute, Boston


Comment to "The Mystery of Economic Growth" by Elhanan Helpman and presentation on Sweden's productivity performance in an international perspective; SNS; Swedish Centre for Business and Policy Studies Stockholm, November 20.

Productivity, Exporting and the Learning-by-Exporting Hypothesis: Direct Evidence from UK Firms; ONS, London.

Offshoring of services and productivity: evidence from new microdata; CEPR pre-ISIT conference, Stockholm. CEP annual conference, Cambridge; CAED Conference Chicago.

Information Technology, Organisational Change and Productivity growth: evidence from UK firms; Royal Economic Society, Nottingham and WZB Berlin.

Lisbon - an Agenda Going Nowhere?; Chatham House, London.


Incentivising innovation; IPPR, London.

Workshop on Foreign Ownership, Innovation and Diffusion; organized by NIFU STEP, Norway.

Impacts and determinants of innovation: evidence from the Community Innovation Survey; OECD.

Workshop on the Globalisation of Production: Impacts on Employment, Productivity and Economic Growth; OECD.

Conference on Productivity and Economic growth; Statistics Sweden. Comparative Analysis of Enterprise (Micro) Data; (CAED) Conference Cardiff.

The economic Impact of ICT: firms, industries and the macroeconomy; London Business School;

Determinants of Productivity Revivals; Bank of Finland

Investimenti diretti esteri, commercio internazionale e competitivita'; University of Urbino


NBER Summer Institute, Boston;

Understanding productivity differences across sectors, firms and countries;

CEPR, fourth workshop of the Specialization vs Diversification.


Workshop on Multinationals and Productivity Growth; OECD, PARIS.

18th annual Congress of the European Economic Association; STOCKHOLM.

Modeling Innovation: A CIS User Group Conference; DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY, LONDON.

The Royal Economic Society Annual Conference; UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK.

Workshop on Empirical Economics of Innovation and Patenting; CENTRE FOR EUROPEAN ECONOMIC RESEARCH ZEW, MANHEIM.


Workshop on Productivity; ONS, LONDON.

Workshop on ICT and Business Performance; OECD, PARIS.

Organisation of Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

2007/08: Productivity Innovation and Intellectual property rights Seminar, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

September 2006: Special session on globalization, CAED conference, Chicago (joint with Dirk Pilat)

November 2005: Workshop on the Globalisation of Production: Impacts on Employment, Productivity and Economic Growth; OECD Paris (joint with Dirk Pilat)

September 2005: Special session on Offshoring CAED conference, Cardiff.