(Potentially) useful: Website
If you are a MRes/PhD student in Economics at the LSE, feel free to create your own website based on this design. I created a generic template to make this easier:
To create your own website you need to register for a personal webpage (link) and access your U: space (link). Once this is done you can create a folder on your U: space (e.g. U:\trial) and extract the zip file. Adjust the website to your needs, test it on different computers using different webbrowsers and when you are satisified just copy all files on your U: drive directly.

A couple of things to note when you are working with the template:
  • The picture on the main page should note exceed a width of 239px, otherwise the website does not display properly in IE8 (sometimes... weird...).
  • Make sure you replace all instances of Lse Beaver, l.beaver@lse.ac.uk, l.beaver, phone number, office number, etc. in all files.
  • Make all changes in a text editor (e.g. Notepad), preferably an editor that has code highlighting for html (e.g. Notepad++).
Some colleagues requested a less embellished alternative. This design might be preferable for job market candidates:
Finally when your homepage is set up, you can contact Mark Wilbor and he will put a link to your website on the departmental website.

(Potentially) useful: Latex
In 2010 I taught a 2 hour impromptu introduction to Latex which was recorded for a couple of people who could not attend. If you are interested you can acces the class (LSE students only) here:

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