Work in progress
Lembcke, A.C.
Having a computer and using it too: Home computers and women's labor market prospects
Lembcke, A.C.
The Impact of Paid Holiday Entitlement on Employment. The UK Working Time Regulation 1998
Burda, M., B. Fitzenberger, A.C. Lembcke and T. Vogel
Unionization, Stochastic Dominance, and Compression of the Wage Distribution: Evidence from Germany
SFB 649 Discussion Paper 2008-041
Fitzenberger, B., K. Kohn and A.C. Lembcke
Union Density and Varieties of Coverage: The Anatomy of Union Wage Effects in Germany.
Industrial & Labor Relations Review, forthcoming;
Kohn, K. and A.C. Lembcke
Wage Distributions by Bargaining Regime - Linked Employer-Employee Data Evidence from Germany
AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv, 2007; 1(3-4), 247-261
Schoernig, N. and A.C. Lembcke
The Vision of War without Casualties - On the Use of Casualty Aversion in Armament Advertisements
Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2006; 50(2), 204-227
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