Working Papers

Some of Michael's working papers are available on his SSRN page.


Blackwell, M. C., ‘Indeterminacy, Disagreement and the Human Rights Act: An Empirical Study of Litigation in the UK House of Lords and Supreme Court 1997-2017’ [2020] (2) Modern Law Review 285-320 []

Blackwell, M. C., ‘The April 2019 loan charge’ [2019] (3) British Tax Review 240-257 [Download from SSRN]

Blackwell, M. C., ‘Conduct Unbefitting: Solicitors, the SRA and Tax Avoidance’ [2019] (1) British Tax Review 31-54 [Download from SSRN]

Blackwell, M. C., ‘Starting out on a judicial career: gender diversity and the appointment of Recorders, Circuit Judges and Deputy High Court Judges 1996-2016’ (2017) 44(4) Journal of Law and Society 586. []

Blackwell, M. C., ‘RFC 2012 Plc (in liquidation) (formerly The Rangers Football Club Plc) v Advocate General for Scotland: Discerning the goal of the legation’ [2017] (4) British Tax Review 398. [Download from SSRN]

Blackwell, M. C., ‘Taking Silk: an empirical study of the award of Queen's Counsel status 1981-2015’ (2015) 78(6) Modern Law Review 971.[]

Shah, S., Poole, T. and Blackwell, M. C., ‘Rights, Interveners and the Law Lords’ (2014) 34 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 295. []

Blackwell, M. C., ‘Variation in the Outcomes of Tax Appeals Between Special Commissioners: An Empirical Study’ [2013] British Tax Review 154. [Download from SSRN]

Blackwell, M.C., ‘Book Review: Lawyers and the Public Good: Democracy in Action? (The Hamlyn Lectures) by Alan Paterson’ (2013) 76(2) Modern Law Review 419.

Blackwell, M.C. (2012). Old Boys' Networks, Family Connections and the English Legal Profession, [2012] Public Law, 426. [PDF]

Blackwell, M C (2011). Response to the Legal Services Board Consultation Document
Increasing diversity and social mobility in the legal workforce: transparency and evidence

Collins, R.J. and Blackwell, M.C. (2009). Update: corporate tax. Solicitors’ Journal, Vol 153 no 28 (21 July 2009).

Collins, R.J. and Blackwell, M.C. (2009). Update: Tax. Solicitors' Journal, Vol. 153 no 15 (21 April 2009).

Collins, R.J. and Blackwell, M.C. (2008). Finance Act Notes: Penalties: Sections 122-3 and Schedule 40 and 41, [2008] British Tax Review 520.

Collins, R.J. and Blackwell, M.C. (2008). HMRC's Litigation and Settlements Strategy: The elephant is now very much in the room. Tax Journal, Issue 945, 9 (4 August 2008).

Blackwell, M.C. (2008). Book review: Global Tax Risk Management Special Report. Taxation, 25 September 2008, 327.

Michael has co-authored a series of transfer pricing case studies for LexisNexis International Tax (

Also, Michael co-authored the first edition of a series of notes on tax penalties for Practical Law Publishing Limited ("PLC") , comprising of:

  • Practice note, Tax penalties: overview.
  • Practice note, Tax penalties: direct tax: Failure penalties: corporation tax
  • Practice note, Tax penalties: direct tax: Failure penalties: personal tax
  • Practice note, Tax penalties: VAT: Failure penalties: breaches of regulatory provisions
  • Practice note, Tax penalties: consolidated regime for culpable penalties
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