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The New China Playbook

In The New China Playbook, Keyu Jin burrows deep into the mechanisms of a unique system, taking a nuanced, clear-eyed, and data-based look inside. From the far-reaching and unexpected consequences of China’s one-child policy to the government’s complex relationship with entrepreneurs, from its boisterous financial system to its latest bout of techno-nationalism, Jin reveals the frequently misunderstood dynamics at play. China is entering a new era, soon to be shaped by a radically different younger generation.

"The biggest geo-political change of the 21st century will be the end of exclusive Western political and economic dominance. The rise of China is at the core of this change and Keyu Jin is a brilliant thinker to take us through its implications from the perspective of someone who understands both China and the West. It is this combination of insider and outsider insight which makes The New China Playbook essential reading."

–Tony Blair, former Prime Minster of The United Kingdom

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