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Time magazine

The U.S. Tech Industry Needs China
Video, 16th May 2023

The Wall Street Journal

China’s Economy Is Leaving Behind Its Educated Young People
Article, (Audio), 11 May 2023

The New York Times

How China Is Fighting the Chip War With America
Article, 27 October 2022

The Guardian

China’s property market is in freefall. What does this mean for the world economy?
Article, 23 August 2022

China says it's ditching growth targets. That could be good news for the world
Article, 01 June 2020

The Financial Times

Xi Jinpings’s Dream of a Chinese Military Industrial Complex
Article, June 23 2023

The trade war with America is a strategic gift for China
Article, Jan 2019

China presses on America’s pain points in the trade war
Article, July 2018

A US trade war could propel China to hasten reforms at home
Article, May 2018

Europe should stop arguing and look to China
Article, June 2012


Keyu Jin on Chinese regulation, innovation, finance, and more
Article, 23 May 2023

America Is Fueling Chinese Techno-Nationalism
Article, 24 Feb 2022

China Bets on Common Prosperity
Article, 04 Dec 2021

The Shape of China’s Recovery
Article, 04 Jan 2021

Is This China’s Global Leadership Moment?
Article, 03 April 2020

An Interview with Keyu Jin
Interview Article, 28 Jan 2020

China’s 70 Years of Progress
Article, 30 Sept 2019

The Art of Wait and See
Article, 11 Jul 2019

What China Can Gain from Trump’s Trade War
Article, 26 Sep 2018

The West Is Wrong About China’s President
Article, 03 Apr 2018

What Does Xi Jinping Want?
Article, 03 Nov 2017

Taking the Politics Out of Development
Article, 11 May 2017

China’s Weapons of Trade War
Article, 22 Feb 2017

How China Views Trump
Article, July 2014

Xi Jinping is No Mao Zedong
Article, (Slides), 04 Aug 2016

Overhauling China
Article, 11 Feb 2016

China’s Two-Child Consumption Engine
Article, 05 Jan 2016

China’s Unwilling Consumers
Article, 11 Nov 2015

China’s Jobless Growth Miracle
Article, 01 Nov 2015

China’s Reform Stalemate
Article, 26 Jan 2015

China’s Vicious Growth Circle
Article, 16 Oct 2014

China’s Consumer Babies
Article, 27 Nov 2013

Why Are Savings Patterns So Different?
Article, 14 Sep 2012

Why Capital Flows Uphill
Article, 26 Jan 2012

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