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I am currently engaged in research projects in conjunction with:

Microsoft (April 2007-present) “Innovation in Europe: skills, regulation, management and technology”

The GB Group (January 2009-present) “Identity Capital”

OECD (March 2009-present) “E-government in North Africa and the Arab Region”

European ICT Association [EICTA] (March 2009-present) “European Priorities for ICT and Innovation”

Information Technology & Innovation Foundation [ITIF] (April 2009-present) “ICT and the UK Response to Economic Downturn”


Recently completed projects have been conducted with:

Tata Consulting Services (May 2007-July 2008) “Innovation within Business Models and at the Borderlands”

The UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts [NESTA] (March-May2007) “Organisational Reform for Innovation Leadership”

McAfee (September-November 2006) “Secure Information Management and Compliance” This report attracted much attention in the trade press, and was released by McAfee in a summary form.

UK Home Office (National Offender Management Service) (January 2006)


Here is an indication of my work on a number of research projects and papers in various stages of completion, including links to four project areas:

ICT, Business Innovation and Economic Development

Resilient Networks and ICT Infrastructure


Managing ICT for Productivity

ICT from a Commons Perspective


In the pipeline, including recent conference papers being prepared for publication:

“The new economics of ICT” Columbia Institute for Tele-Information [CITI] Columbia University, March 2009

“A critique of the application of complex adaptive systems to ICT policy making” Georgetown University March 2009

(with Patrik Karrberg) “Who’s responsible? The paradox of control and responsibility for internet banking security”

(with James Alleman) “A non-neoclassical approach to the theory of the firm” ITS Mexico City April 2009

(with Claudia Loebbecke) Digital Content Production, Management and Delivery: A Critical Analysis of the Effects of Telecom Market Structures” Annual meeting of the ITS, Rome, September, 2008

(with Marc Laperrouza), “Regulating emerging wireless technologies: a cross-country typology” Annual meeting of the ITS, Istanbul, September 2-4, 2007


(with Mary Darking) “Building infrastructure from digital commons: the case of governance and the digital business ecosystem”

"Managing ICT for Productivity", Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology on the theme: "Technology Management for the Global Future" PICMET '06 July 8-13, 2006

(with Marc Laperrouza) “China and Global Internet Governance: A Turning Point?China’s Internet and Chinese Cultures: The fourth Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference; Singapore, July, 2006

(with David Tilson, Kalle Lyytinen and Carsten Sorensen) “Coordination of technology and diverse organizational actors during service innovation—the case of wireless data services in the United Kingdom” Mobility Roundtable, Helsinki June, 2006

(with Patrick Karrberg) “IT and Telecoms Convergence: mobile service delivery in Europe and Japan” Mobility Roundtable, Helsinki June, 2006

(with Alain de Fontenay) "Innovation in telecommunications; the judicial process and economic interpretations of costing, transaction and pricing" 25th Annual Eastern Conference, Center for Research in Regulated Industries May 17-19, 2006 and under consideration for the Journal of Law and Economics

The View from the Commons: What we should and shouldn’t take seriously from neoclassical economics, and what would further our understanding of ICT” March 16, 2006 seminar presentation at the London School of Economics

"Conceptualizing the Exchange Commons" IASCP (Brescia) International Association for the Study of Common Property Meeting on the theme: "Building the European Commons: from Open Fields to Open Source" March 23-25, 2006

Intranet Infrastructure and Business Continuity: Hard Lessons from Terrorist Attacks”, paper presented at the Intranet Benchmarking Forum Leadership Summit, March 2, 2006

(with G. Harindranath and Maung Sein) "ICT & Development Goals: Governments, NGOs, Development Agencies and Commercial Initiatives"

"Telecommunications in transition; ICT modernization, liberalization, regulation and markets in Central Asia"

(with Gerald Grant) "The strategic dimensions of information systems capability: an evolutionary and resource-based view" 

(with Alain de Fontenay) "Investment in Broadband: theory and policy from the perspective of the 'commons'" [presented at the Federal Communications Commission in October 2004]

"Resilient Communications Networks" [presented at Columbia University in October 2004]

(with Justin Gundlach) "Modernizing the business of health: pharmaceuticals in Britain, 1890-1940" [under review for Industrial and Corporate Change]

"SMEs, Productivity and Management: ICT and Business Clusters" [presented at CISTM, Cairo in July 2004]

"Peer-to-Peer, Markets and the Commons" 

"ICT in Kyrgyzstan" [presented at the European Institute LSE in June 2004]

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