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Books and edited collections

Why Free Will Is Real, Harvard University Press, 2019

This book defends the reality of free will from a naturalistic perspective.

=> Coverage at the Brains Blog and Boston Review

Group Agency: The Possibility, Design and Status of Corporate Agents (with Philip Pettit), Oxford University Press, 2011, 2013 (paperback)

This book defends, and explores the implications of, the view that suitable organized collectives can be intentional agents in their own right, over and above their individual members.  

=> Oxford Scholarship Online, Browse

Formal Social Epistemology (in memory of Horacio Arlo-Costa) (edited with Rohit Parikh), Episteme 9(2), 2012

This collection of papers is based on the 2011 Episteme conference on "Formal Social Epistemology" at Carnegie Mellon University.


Symposium: Judgment aggregation (edited with B. Polak), Journal of Economic Theory 145(2): 441-638, 2010

This collection of papers presents an overview of, and several novel contributions to, the theory of judgment aggregation.

=> Introduction

Theme issue: Group decision making in humans and animals (edited with L. Conradt), Phil. Tans. Roy. Soc. B 364: 717-852, 2009

This theme issue brings together contributions by natural and social scientists on group decisions in humans and animals.

=> Economist coverage, Introduction, LSE press release

Epistemic Diversity, Episteme 3(3), 2006

This special issue of Episteme brings together several contributions on the theme of "Epistemic Diversity".

=> Introduction

Deliberation and Decision: Economics, Constitutional Theory and Deliberative Democracy (edited with Anne van Aaken and Christoph Luetge), Ashgate (now Routledge), 2004

This collection of papers is based on a 2001 conference on "Deliberation and Decision" at the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics.

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