Working Papers

The Three-player Lowest Unique Number Game, January 2023.

Flexible Moral Hazard Problems, November 2022, (joint with George Georgiadis and Doron Ravid).

On the Coevolution of Cooperation and Social Institutions, December 2020, (joint with Veronica Salazar).

On the Efficiency of Queueing in Dynamic Matching Markets, December 2018, (joint with Laura Doval).

A note on 'Mechanism games with multiple principals and three or more agents' by T. Yamashita, January 2010.

The One Who Controls the Information Appropriates its Rents, September 2003, (joint with Peter Eso).

Believing the Unbelievable: the Dilemma of Self-Belief, September 2000, (joint with Hsueh-Ling Huynh).