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Published Papers by Topic

Macroeconomic Implications of Worker Self Selection

"Structural Transformation, the Mismeasurement of Productivity Growth, and the Cost Disease of Services."  American Economic Review (forthcoming).  Files: Appendix..  US sectoral TFP growthData and programmes).

“Inequality, the Urban-Rural Gap, and MigrationQuarterly Journal of Economics 128 (November 2013): 1727-1785.  Appendix.

The Aids Epidemic and African Growth

"The African Growth Miracle." Journal of Political Economy 120 (August 2012): 696-739.  Data and programmes.

"In Sorrow to Bring Forth Children: Fertility amidst the Plague of HIV." Journal of Economic Growth 12 (December 2007): 283-327.

“The Gift of the Dying: The Tragedy of AIDS and the Welfare of Future African GenerationsQuarterly Journal of Economics 120 (May 2005): 423-466.

Growth and Reform in the People's Republic of China

“Gold into Base Metals: Productivity Growth in the People’s Republic of China during the Reform PeriodJournal of Political Economy 111 (December 2003): 1220-1261.

“The Razor’s Edge: Distortions and Incremental Reform in the People’s Republic of ChinaQuarterly Journal of Economics 115 (November 2000): 1091-1135.

East Asian Productivity Growth

“The Tyranny of Numbers: Confronting the Statistical Realities of the East Asian Growth ExperienceQuarterly Journal of Economics 110 (August 1995): 641-680.

“Lessons from the East Asian NICs: A Contrarian ViewEuropean Economic Review 38 (1994): 964-973.

“A Tale of Two Cities: Factor Accumulation and Technical Change in Hong Kong and Singapore.” In NBER, Macroeconomics Annual 1992. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1992. 

Models of Endogenous Growth

“Growth without Scale EffectsJournal of Political Economy 106 (February 1998): 41-63.

“Substitution and Complementarity in Endogenous InnovationQuarterly Journal of Economics 108 (August 1993): 775-807.

“Invention and Bounded Learning by DoingJournal of Political Economy 101 (June 1993): 443-472.

“Learning by Doing and the Dynamic Effects of International TradeQuarterly Journal of Economics 106 (May 1991): 369-405.


Resting Papers

"The Gini Coefficient for a Mixture of Ln-Normal Populations."  December 2011.  (Data and programmes).

“Demographic Fluctuations, Generational Welfare and Intergenerational Transfers.” October 2001.

“Transport, Processing and Information: Value Added and the Circuitous Movement of Goods.” May 1999.