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The models of individual choice typically used in economics and the social sciences, especially in rational choice theory, provide at best a simplistic account of intentional agency. In joint work with Franz Dietrich, I aim to develop a new approach to modelling intentional agency which (i) improves upon standard decision-theoretic models in both their idealized, “rational” and their psychologically informed, “behavioural” variants; (ii) is widely applicable; and (iii) illuminates the relationship between reasons and rational decisions.

I gratefully acknowledge support for this research from the Leverhulme Trust through a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship.

Highlighted papers

Reason-based rationalization (with F. Dietrich)

Mentalism versus behaviourism in economics: a philosophy-of-science perspective (with F. Dietrich)

A reason-based theory of rational choice (with F. Dietrich), Nous 47(1): 104-134, 2013

Where do preferences come from? (with F. Dietrich), International Journal of Game Theory 42(3): 613-637, 2013

Reasons for (prior) belief in Bayesian epistemology (with F. Dietrich), Synthese 19(5): 787-808, 2013

A Model of Non-informational Preference Change (with F. Dietrich), Journal of Theoretical Politics 23(2): 145-164, 2011

Subsidiary papers

Where do preferences come from? A summary (with F. Dietrich), Proceedings of the International Conference on Logic Across the University: Foundations and Applications (Beijing, China), 2013

Our response in these Proceedings to replies to our paper: A response to Baltag, Girard, and White

Other decision-theoretic papers

A joint characterization of belief revision rules (with F. Dietrich and R. Bradley), 2010-13

Desire-as-belief revisited (with Richard Bradley), Analysis (forthcoming)

The Two-Envelope Paradox: An Axiomatic Approach (with F. Dietrich), Mind 114(454): 239-248, 2005

Framing as Path-Dependence (with N. Gold), Economics and Philosophy 20(2): 253-277, 2004


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