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Complete list of papers

Working papers

What matters and how it matters: A choice-theoretic representation of moral theories (with F. Dietrich)

Dynamic and stochastic systems as a framework for metaphysics and the philosophy of science (with M. Pivato)

From Degrees of Belief to Beliefs: Lessons from Judgment-Aggregation Theory (with F. Dietrich)

What's wrong with the consequence argument: In defence of compatibilist libertarianism

Probabilistic Opinion Pooling Generalized -- Part One: General Agendas (with F. Dietrich)

Probabilistic Opinion Pooling Generalized -- Part Two: The Premise-based Approach (with F. Dietrich)

Judgment aggregation with consistency alone (with F. Dietrich)

The Condorcet jury theorem and voter-specific truth (with K. Spiekermann)

The Epistemology of Special Majority Voting



Does the exclusion argument put any presure on dualism? (with D. Stoljar), Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming) [preprint | official journal link]

What is it like to be a group agent? Nous (forthcoming)

My brain made me do it: The exclusion argument against free will, and what’s wrong with it (with P. Menzies), in H. Beebee, C. Hitchcock, and H. Price (eds.), Making a Difference, Oxford (Oxford University Press) (forthcoming)

The Methodology of Political Theory (with L. Valentini), Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology (forthcoming)

Probabilistic opinion pooling [an introductory review] (with F. Dietrich), Oxford Handbook of Probability and Philosophy (forthcoming)


Reason-based choice and context-dependence: An explanatory framework (with F. Dietrich), Economics and Philosophy 32(2): 175-229

Mentalism versus behaviourism in economics: a philosophy-of-science perspective (with F. Dietrich), Economics and Philosophy 32(2): 249-281

Freedom as independence (with L. Valentini), Ethics 126(4): 1043-1074

Belief revision generalized: A joint characterization of Bayes's and Jeffrey's rules (with F. Dietrich and R. Bradley), Journal of Economic Theory 162: 352-371 (click here for earlier version with additional results)


Emergent Chance (with M. Pivato), The Philosophical Review 124(1): 119-152


When to defer to supermajority testimony -- and when not, in J. Lackey (ed.), Essays in Collective Epistemology, Oxford (Oxford University Press)

Two Intuitions about Free Will: Alternative Possibilities and Intentional Endorsement (with W. Rabinowicz), Philosophical Perspectives 28: 155-172

Three kinds of collective attitudes, Erkenntnis 79(9,Suppl.): 1601-1622

Aggregating Causal Judgements (with R. Bradley and F. Dietrich), Philosophy of Science 81: 491-515

Free Will, Determinism, and the Possibility of Doing Otherwise, Nous 48(1): 156-178

Independence and Interdependence: Lessons from the Hive (with A. Vermeule), Rationality and Society 26: 170-207


Social Choice Theory, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Winter 2013 Edition

Methodological Individualism and Holism in Political Science: A Reconciliation (with K. Spiekermann), American Political Science Review 107(4): 629-643

Swarm intelligence: When uncertainty meets conflict (with L. Conradt and T. J. Roper), American Naturalist 182(5): 592-610

Where do preferences come from? A summary (with F. Dietrich), Proceedings of the International Conference on Logic Across the University: Foundations and Applications (Beijing, China)

=> Our response in these Proceedings to replies to our paper: A response to Baltag, Girard, and White

A reason-based theory of rational choice (with F. Dietrich), Nous 47(1): 104-134, 2013

Deliberation, Single-Peakedness, and the Possibility of Meaningful Democracy: Evidence from Deliberative Polls (with R. C. Luskin, J. S. Fishkin and I. McLean), Journal of Politics 75(1): 80-95

Where do preferences come from? (with F. Dietrich), International Journal of Game Theory 42(3): 613-637

Reasons for (prior) belief in Bayesian epistemology (with F. Dietrich), Synthese 19(5): 787-808

Propositionwise judgment aggregation: the general case (with F. Dietrich), Social Choice and Welfare 40(4): 1067-1095



Episteme Symposium on Group Agency: Replies to Gaus, Cariani, Sylvan, and Briggs (with P. Pettit), Episteme 9(3): 293-309

The theory of judgment aggregation: An introductory review, Synthese 187(1): 179-207

Collective wisdom: a judgment aggregation perspective, in Helene Landemore and Jon Elster (eds.), Collective Wisdom: Principles and Mechanisms, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press)

Judgment aggregation: a short introduction, in U. Maki (ed.), Handbook of the Philosophy of Economics, Amsterdam (Elsevier)


The Logical Space of Democracy, Philosophy and Public Affairs 39(3): 262-297

A Model of Non-informational Preference Change (with Franz Dietrich), Journal of Theoretical Politics 23(2): 145-164

Group Communication and the Transformation of Judgments: An Impossibility Result, Journal of Political Philosophy 19(1): 1-27



The Causal Autonomy of the Special Sciences (with Peter Menzies), in C. Mcdonald and G. Mcdonald (eds.), Emergence in Mind, Oxford (Oxford University Press)

Disaggregating Deliberation's Effects: An Experiment within a Deliberative Poll (with Cynthia Farrar, James Fishkin, Donald Green, Robert Luskin and Elizabeth Levy Paluck), British Journal of Political Science 40(2): 333-347

The aggregation of propositional attitudes: towards a general theory (with Franz Dietrich), Oxford Studies in Epistemology 3

Introduction to judgment aggregation (with Ben Polak), Journal of Economic Theory 145(2): 441-466 

Majority voting on restricted domains (with Franz Dietrich), Journal of Economic Theory 145(2): 512-543

The impossibility of unbiased judgment aggregation (with Franz Dietrich), Theory and Decision 68(3): 281-299

Can there be a global demos? An agency-based approach (with Mathias Koenig-Archibugi), Philosophy and Public Affairs 38(1): 76-110


Non-Reductive Physicalism and the Limits of the Exclusion Principle (with Peter Menzies), Journal of Philosophy CVI(9): 475-502

Independence and interdependence in collective decision making: an agent-based model of nest-site choice by honeybee swarms (with Christian Elsholtz and Thomas D Seeley), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 364: 755-762 

Group decisions in humans and animals: a survey (with Larissa Conradt), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 364: 719-742

Judgment aggregation: a survey (with Clemens Puppe), in P. Anand, C. Puppe and P. Pattanaik (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Rational and Social Choice, Oxford (Oxford University Press)

Desire-as-belief revisited (with Richard Bradley), Analysis 69(1): 31-37



Judgment aggregation under constraints (with Franz Dietrich), in T. Boylan and R. Gekker (eds.), Economics, Rational Choice and Normative Philosophy, London (Routledge)

A liberal paradox for judgment aggregation (with Franz Dietrich), Social Choice and Welfare 31: 59-78

Judgment aggregation without full rationality (with Franz Dietrich), Social Choice and Welfare 31: 15-39

Deliberation and Agreement, in Shawn W. Rosenberg (ed.), Can the People Govern? Deliberation, Participation and Democracy, Basingstoke (Palgrave Macmillan)

Which worlds are possible? A judgment aggregation problem, Journal of Philosophical Logic 37: 57-65

Distributed Cognition: A Perspective from Social Choice Theory, in M. Albert, D. Schmidtchen and S. Voigt (eds.), Scientific Competition: Theory and Policy, Conferences on New Political Economy vol. 24, Tuebingen (Mohr Siebeck)


Strategy-proof judgment aggregation (with Franz Dietrich), Economics and Philosophy 23(3): 269-300

Judgment aggregation by quota rules: majority voting generalized (with Franz Dietrich), Journal of Theoretical Politics 19(4): 391-424

Arrow's theorem in judgment aggregation (with Franz Dietrich), Social Choice and Welfare 29(1): 19-33


A Conditional Defense of Plurality Rule: Generalizing May's Theorem in a Restricted Informational Environment (with Robert E. Goodin), American Journal of Political Science 50(4): 940-949

Group Agency and Supervenience (with Philip Pettit), Southern Journal of Philosophy XLIV (Spindel Supplement): 85-105; reprinted in J. Hohwy and J. Kallestrup (eds.), Being Reduced, Oxford (Oxford University Press), 2008

Republican Freedom and the Rule of Law, Politics, Philosophy and Economics 5(2): 201-220

Special Majorities Rationalized (with Robert E. Goodin), British Journal of Political Science 36(2): 213-241

The Discursive Dilemma and Public Reason, Ethics 116(2): 362-402



Group knowledge and group rationality: a judgment aggregation perspective, Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology 2(1): 25-38

On the Many as One (with Philip Pettit), Philosophy and Public Affairs 33(4): 377-390 (© 2005 Blackwell Publishing, Inc.)

The Two-Envelope Paradox: An Axiomatic Approach (with Franz Dietrich), Mind 114(454): 239-248

The Probability of Inconsistencies in Complex Collective Decisions, Social Choice and Welfare 24(1): 3-32

A Simple Proof of Sen's Possibility Theorem on Majority Decisions (with Christian Elsholtz), Elemente der Mathematik 60: 45-56



An Epistemic Free Riding Problem? (with Philip Pettit) In Philip Catton and Graham Macdonald (eds.), Karl Popper: Critical Appraisals, London (Routledge)  

Framing as Path-Dependence (with Natalie Gold), Economics and Philosophy 20(2): 253-277

A model of jury decisions where all jurors have the same evidence (with Franz Dietrich), Synthese (section on Knowledge, Rationality and Action) 142: 175-202

Social Choice Theory and Deliberative Democracy: A Response to Aldred (with John Dryzek), British Journal of Political Science 34(4): 752-758

On the Significance of the Absolute Margin, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 55: 521-544

A Model of Path-Dependence in Decisions over Multiple Propositions, American Political Science Review 98(3): 495-513

Deliberative Polling als Methode zum Erlernen des demokratischen Sprechens (with Anne Sliwka), Zeitschrift fuer Politik 51(1): 87-105 (English translation)

Aggregating Sets of Judgments: Two Impossibility Results Compared (with Philip Pettit), Synthese 140(1-2): 207-235

The Impossibility of a Paretian Republican: Some Comments on Pettit and Sen, Economics and Philosophy 20(1): 1-23

Democracy in animal groups: a political science perspective, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 19(4): 168-169

Multidimensional Welfare Aggregation, Public Choice 119: 119-142



The Voting Power Approach: A Theory of Measurement, European Union Politics 4(4): 487-497

Are Interpersonal Comparisons of Utility Indeterminate, Erkenntnis 58: 229-260

A Possibility Theorem on Aggregation over Multiple Interconnected Propositions, Mathematical Social Sciences 45(1): 1-13 (important correction)

Social Choice Theory and Deliberative Democracy: A Reconciliation (with John Dryzek), British Journal of Political Science 33(1): 1-28  




Intradimensional Single-Peakedness and the Multidimensional Arrow Problem, Theory and Decision 52(3): 287-301

Two Concepts of Agreement, The Good Society 11(1): 72-79; reprinted in a modified and extended form as "Substantive and Meta-Agreement", in A. van Aaken, C. List and C. Luetge (2003), Deliberation and Decision, Aldershot (Ashgate)

Aggregating Sets of Judgments: An Impossibility Result (with Philip Pettit), Economics and Philosophy 18: 89-110


Epistemic Democracy: Generalizing the Condorcet Jury Theorem (with Robert E. Goodin), Journal of Political Philosophy 9(3): 277-306

Some Remarks on the Probability of Cycles, Appendix to "Epistemic Democracy"

A Note on Introducing a 'Zero-Line' of Welfare as an Escape-Route from Arrow's Theorem, Pacific Economic Review 6(2) (special section in honour of Amartya Sen): 223-238

Optimality Theory and the Problem of Constraint Aggregation (with Daniel Harbour) (abstract) The Linguistics/Philosophy Interface, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics and Philosophy 1


Craig's Theorem and the Empirical Underdetermination Thesis Reassessed, Disputatio 7: 28-39

(web-based institutional working paper) Multidimensional Inequality Measurement: A Proposal, Nuffield College Working Paper in Economics 1999-W27


Indeterminacy of Translation Reassessed: Is the Problem of Translation an Empirical Matter? Philosophical Writings 9: 23-38

Book review

Review of Maurizio Passerin d'Entreves (ed.), Democracy as Public Deliberation: new perspectives, Political Studies Review 2003


Mission Impossible? The Problem of Democratic Aggregation in the Face of Arrow's Theorem, DPhil-thesis in Politics, University of Oxford, submitted April 2001, examined July 2001

Working paper

Opinion pooling on general agendas (with Franz Dietrich), superseded by "Probabilistic Opinion Pooling Generalized: Parts One and Two"

(web-based institutional working paper) A Note on Measuring Preference Structuration, Nuffield College Working Paper in Economics 2000-W8


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