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Christian List FBA

Professor of Political Science and Philosophy

Departments of Government and Philosophy

London School of Economics

London WC2A 2AE, U.K.



Selected working papers & forthcoming (click for full list of papers) (by projects)

The formal metaphysics of dynamic and stochastic systems (with M. Pivato)

Reason-based choice and context-dependence: An explanatory framework (with F. Dietrich)

Mentalism versus behaviourism in economics: a philosophy-of-science perspective (with F. Dietrich), Economics and Philosophy (forthcoming)

What is it like to be a group agent?

A unified characterization of belief revision rules (with F. Dietrich and R. Bradley) [revised]

From Degrees of Belief to Beliefs: Lessons from Judgment-Aggregation Theory (with F. Dietrich)

My brain made me do it: The exclusion argument against free will, and what’s wrong with it (with P. Menzies), in H. Beebee, C. Hitchcock, and H. Price (eds.), Making a Difference, Oxford (Oxford University) (forthcoming)

Probabilistic opinion pooling [an introductory review] (with F. Dietrich), Oxford Handbook of Probability and Philosophy (forthcoming)

Probabilistic Opinion Pooling Generalized (with F. Dietrich)

-- Part One: General Agendas

-- Part Two: The Premise-based Approach

Political Theory [a methodological review], Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology (with L. Valentini)

Freedom as independence [revised] (with L. Valentini)

Swarm intelligence: When uncertainty meets conflict (with L. Conradt and T. J. Roper), American Naturalist 182(5): 592-610, 2013

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Books / collections (other links)

Formal Social Epistemology (in memory of Horacio Arlo-Costa) (ed. with Rohit Parikh), Episteme 9(2), 2012

Group Agency: The Possibility, Design and Status of Corporate Agents (with Philip Pettit), Oxford University Press, 2011, 2013_(paperback)

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Symposium: Judgment aggregation (ed. with B. Polak), Journal of Economic Theory 145(2): 441-638, 2010

=> Introduction

Theme issue: Group decision making in humans and animals (ed. with L. Conradt), Phil. Tans. Roy. Soc. B 364: 717-852, 2009

=> Economist coverage, Introduction, LSE press release

Selected publications (click for full list of papers) (by projects)

Emergent Chance (with M. Pivato), The Philosophical Review 124(1): 119-152, 2015

Two Intuitions about Free Will: Alternative Possibilities and Intentional Endorsement (with W. Rabinowicz), Philosophical Perspectives 28: 155-172, 2014

Three kinds of collective attitudes, Erkenntnis 79(9, Suppl.): 1601-1622, 2014

Aggregating Causal Judgements (with R. Bradley and F. Dietrich), Philosophy of Science 81: 491-515, 2014

Free Will, Determinism, and the Possibility of Doing Otherwise, Nous 48(1): 156-178, 2014

Independence and Interdependence: Lessons from the Hive (with A. Vermeule), Rationality and Society 26: 170-207, 2014

Social Choice Theory, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Winter 2013 Edition

Methodological Individualism and Holism in Political Science: A Reconciliation (with K. Spiekermann), American Political Science Review 107(4): 629-643, 2013

Where do preferences come from? (with F. Dietrich), International Journal of Game Theory 42(3): 613-637, 2013

Reasons for (prior) belief in Bayesian epistemology (with F. Dietrich), Synthese 190(5): 787-808, 2013

A reason-based theory of rational choice (with F. Dietrich), Nous 47(1): 104-134, 2013

Deliberation, Single-Peakedness, and the Possibility of Meaningful Democracy: Evidence from Deliberative Polls (with R. C. Luskin, J. S. Fishkin and I. McLean), Journal of Politics 75(1): 80-95, 2013

The theory of judgment aggregation: An introductory review, Synthese 187(1): 179-207, 2012

The Logical Space of Democracy, Philosophy and Public Affairs 39(3): 262-297, 2011

Group Communication and the Transformation of Judgments: An Impossibility Result, Journal of Political Philosophy 19(1): 1-27, 2011

A Model of Non-informational Preference Change (with F. Dietrich), Journal of Theoretical Politics 23(2): 145-164, 2011

The aggregation of propositional attitudes: towards a general theory (with F. Dietrich), Oxford Studies in Epistemology 3, 2010

Majority voting on restricted domains (with F. Dietrich), Journal of Economic Theory 145(2), 2010: 512-543

Can there be a global demos? An agency-based approach (with M. Koenig-Archibugi), Philosophy and Public Affairs 38(1): 76-110, 2010

Non-Reductive Physicalism and the Limits of the Exclusion Principle (with P. Menzies), Journal of Philosophy CVI(9): 475-502, 2009

Independence and interdependence in collective decision making: an agent-based model of nest-site choice by honeybee swarms (with C. Elsholtz and T. D. Seeley), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 364: 755-762 

Arrow's theorem in judgment aggregation (with F. Dietrich), Social Choice and Welfare 29(1): 19-33, 2007

A Conditional Defense of Plurality Rule: Generalizing May's Theorem in a Restricted Informational Environment (with R. E. Goodin), American Journal of Political Science 50(4): 940-949, 2006

The Discursive Dilemma and Public Reason, Ethics 116(2): 362-402, 2006

A Model of Path-Dependence in Decisions over Multiple Propositions, American Political Science Review 98(3): 495-513, 2004

Social Choice Theory and Deliberative Democracy: A Reconciliation (with J. S. Dryzek), British Journal of Political Science 33(1): 1-28, 2003

Aggregating Sets of Judgments: An Impossibility Result (with P. Pettit), Economics and Philosophy 18: 89-110, 2002 (click here for companion paper in Synthese 2004)

Two Concepts of Agreement (revised version), The Good Society 11(1): 72-79, 2002

Epistemic Democracy: Generalizing the Condorcet Jury Theorem (with R. E. Goodin), Journal of Political Philosophy 9(3): 277-306, 2001


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