My research interests focus on demographic and statistical modelling. I am particularly interested in women's health in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), and in particular on the lifecourse approach to women's health. Recently, I have focused on the impact of reproductive health on both demographic and public health outcomes. Recent projects include: women's subjective and objective health in the occupied Palestinian territory and a projected I am leading on user fees removal and maternal health in Sub-Saharan Africa funded by Countdown to 2015. I am working on two projects looking at menarche and menopause in LIMCs. In addition, I am currently leading a project on deprivation and conflict in Palestine and on age at menarche in LMICs. These areas of my research agenda have led to ongoing collaborations with academics at the University of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), the Institute for Social and Economic Change (Bangalore, India), the University of Birzeit (Opl), the University of Southampton (UK) and with members of the Countdown to 2015 group.

As a statistical demographer I am particularly interested in the utilisation of secondary data in resource-poor settings and in how international definitions in census and sample surveys might affect the quality and level of reporting. In 2007 I was awarded a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship to work on the estimation of differential maternal mortality in developing countries using census data. The Fellowship will be dedicated to developing methods that can improve the analysis of mortality data collected through censuses using both demographic indirect techniques and statistical modelling.

Other projects I have been involved in include an ESRC-DIFD funded research project "Economic and social cost of Post-abortion care in Zambia" where I looked at the economic burden of unsafe abortion on Women in Zambia. In addition I have coordinating a project with the University of Birzeit with the to analyse the characteristics of women usually neglected by the health system such as menopausal, single or married early without children. Currently I am leading a study on the long term impact of reproductive lives in Indonesia.


2019 | RIIF fund "Menopause in LMICs" | PI

2018 | Emirates Foundation "Re-conceptualizing health in wars and conflicts: a new focus on deprivation and suffering"| PI

2018 | LSE Seed Fund "Determinants and timing of age at Menarche in LMICs" | PI

2018 | Wellcome Trust “Zika and abortion (£100000)| (Co-applicant, Wenham PI)

2016  | Titmuss Meinhard | Geing in mid-life in LICs | PI

2014 | UNICEF/Gates Foundation  |"User fees removal for maternal health care in Sub-Saharan Africa" | PI

2014-2015 | "Women's health in occupied Palestinian territory (oPt): inclusion and exclusion" | Co-PI with E. Coast

2012-2014 | ESRC-DFID | "Economic and social cost of post-abortion care in Zambia" | Co-applicant (E. Coast, PI)

2012 | DG Employment | "Health status, health care and long-term care. Observatory on the social and demographic condition in Europe. Health network" | Co-PI with S. Thompson

2010 | DFID | "Effective models of delivery of maternal and child health outcomes in low-income countries" | Co-applicant (McDaid, PI)

2010 | LSE Research Investment Fund | "International Comparative Long-Term Care Research" | Co-applicant (J.L. Fernandez, PI)

2010 | LSE Seed Fund | "Mental health and poverty in low-income countries" | Co-applicant (E. Coast, PI)

2010 | ESRC | "Inequalities in Access to Health Care in Brazil and India: Closing the Gap for the Poorest-Poor" | Co-applicant (S. Padmadas, PI)

2009 | ESRC Seminar Series | "Fertility, reproductive health and poverty" | Co-applicant (N. Madise, PI)

2009 | ESRC | "Maternal Care & Access to Health Services in India" | PI

2007 | Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship | "Estimation of maternal mortality in the developing world using census data"

2007 | ESRC | "The commodity chain of the households: from survey design to policy planning" | Co-applicant (E. Coast, PI)

2007 | BSPS Developing Countries Initiative | PI

2006 | LSE Seed Fund | "Gender based violence and HIV in India" | Co-applicant (E. Coast, PI)