Teaching and mentoring at the LSE

2020-21 | DV458 "Key issues in global health and development"

                DV456 "Population, Health and Development: Evidence and Projections"

PhD Students


2020 Sally Simmons (1st Supervisor) "Biometrics in health data in LMICs"

2020 Katy Footman (2nd supervisor)

2018 Cristin Fergus (2nd Supervisor) "Evidence in health decisionmaking"

2018 Joe Strong (2nd supervisor) "Understanding the demographic impact of women’s empowerment in Ghana”

2017 Rornald Kananura (1st Supervisor) "Child health and survival in Uganda: an application of systems thinking"



2007-12 E. Freeman (2nd supervisor) "Older adults' experiences of ageing and HIV infection at older age in rural Malawi"

2009-14 K. Bates (co-supervisor) "Double burden of malnutrition in Albania"

2010-15 E. Jones (co-supervisor) "Maternal mental health in India"

2011-15 V. Cetorelli (co-supervisor) "The Effect of the Iraq War on fertility, maternal and child health"

2012- 16 H. Vaisanen (2nd supervisor) "A life course perspective to abortion in Finland"

2013-18 S. Lattof (co-supervisor) "Migration and reproductive health in Ghana"

2014-18 E. Batyra (1st supervisor) "Fertility and contraceptive use in Latin America"

2014-18 D. Alburez-Gutierrez (2nd supervisor) "Population change under conflict in Guatemala"

2015-19  Rishita Nandagiri (2nd supervisor) "Abortion and stigma in India"

2016-20 Laura Sochas (1st supervisor) " Access to maternal health care in Zambia"



2019-20  Laura Brown

2019-21 Adura Banke Thomas