research organized by topic

alan manning's research organized by topic


almost 10 years spent pursuing the idea that labour markets are best thought of as monopsonistic as a wage cut of a cent does not call all workers instantaneously to leave the employer. culminating in the now published book monopsony in motion: imperfect competition in labor markets , princeton university press.

imperfect competition and search models of the labour market

research into imperfectly competitive/monopsonistic labour markets.

job polarization

my work on job polarization that has turned out to be thought of as more interesting than i expected

minimum wages

more papers on minimum wages than could possibly be justified by the importance of the subject.


jumping on the bandwagon of those doing research on immigration, but not just about the economics

the female labour market

too few papers on the female labour market given the importance and neglect of the subject.

low-wage labour markets

papers from projects about low-wage labour markets that were going to be about the minimum wage but it was either not introduced or set at too low a level.

unemployment and the aggregate labour market

over the years, papers on the determinants of variations in unemployment.

taxation, redistribution and the welfare state

a rag-bag of papers on labour taxes, redistribution and housing subsidies


hard to believe, i know, but some papers in pidgin econometrics on instrumental variables

trade unions

when the uk had trade unions, i used to write papers ostensibly about them.

labour contracts

i started out when implicit contracts were fashionable but (rightly) no-one cares very much any more.