Year: 2009-2010

Teaching/Classes: EC475, Quantitative Economics.

Office hour:S684, Wednesday 12.30-13.30 or by appointment

Course webpage: EC475 and Moodle (EC475).

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Teaching comments

This form is here to allow you to make anonymous comments and suggestions in order to improve the classes. I will be happy about any comments. If you have got any questions concerning the presented material, please do not hesitate to ask them.

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Material for the problem-sets

See Moodle (EC475) and also the lecturer's webpage.
Here is a preliminary handout on Gauss programming. Let me know if you find some remaining typo(s).
Below, some programs for the problem sets. They are not official solutions and are provided as examples.

Pdf file ProgramOutputUpdated on: ProgramOutputUpdated on:
PS1 PS1.log 23/10 PS1.prg PS1.txt 23/10
PS2 PS2.log 12/11 PS2.prg PS2.txt 12/11
PS3 PS3.log 20/11 X
PS4 26/11 PS4Q1.prg PS4Q1.txt 26/11
X X Basic NR prog Basic program 26/11
PS6 15/12 X
Optimization 09/01 X
PS7 PS7.log 20/01 X

Here are the mock-exam solutions: mock solutions. The distribution of the grades is as follows:
- mean: 51.75
- std: 14.25
- median: 47
- P75: 62.75
- P25: 41.5

Past exams and solutions

The past exams are available on the library website. Everything else is available on Moodle (EC475) or on the lecturer's webpage.

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