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Working Papers

The Brexit Vote, Inflation and UK Living Standards [PDF]
with Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain and Dennis Novy
September 2020

Technology Transfer in Global Value Chains [PDF]
July 2020

Technology Gaps, Trade and Income [PDF]
July 2020

Endogenous Education and Long-Run Factor Shares [PDF]
with Gene Grossman, Elhanan Helpman and Ezra Oberfield
March 2020


Voting with their Money: Brexit and Outward Investment by UK Firms [PDF]
with Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain and Dennis Novy
European Economic Review, 2020, 124: 103400.

The Economic Effects of Brexit: Evidence from the Stock Market [PDF]
with Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain, Dennis Novy and Ahmed Usman
Fiscal Studies, 2018, 39 (4): 581-623.

Brexit: The Economics of International Disintegration [PDF]
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2017, 31 (4): 163-184.

The Costs and Benefits of Leaving the EU: Trade Effects [PDF]
with Swati Dhingra, Hanwei Huang, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Joao Paulo Pessoa and John Van Reenen
Economic Policy, 2017, 32, 651-705.

Balanced Growth Despite Uzawa [PDF] [Appendix]
with Gene Grossman, Elhanan Helpman and Ezra Oberfield
American Economic Review, 2017, 107 (4): 1293-1312.

Assignment Reversals: Trade, Skill Allocation and Wage Inequality [PDF]
Journal of Economic Theory, 2016, 163: 365-409.

Dynamic Selection: An Idea Flows Theory of Entry, Trade and Growth [PDF] [Appendix]
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2016, 131 (1): 315-380.

Selection into Trade and Wage Inequality [PDF]
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2014, 6 (3): 157-202.

Brain Drain or Brain Gain? Technology Diffusion and Learning On-the-job [PDF]
Journal of International Economics, 2013, 90 (1): 162-76.

Prices or Knowledge? What Drives Demand for Financial Services in Emerging Markets? [PDF]
with Shawn Cole and Bilal Zia
Journal of Finance, 2011, 66 (6): 1933-1967.

Shock Exposure: Commodity Prices and the Kina [PDF]
with Gae Kauzi
Pacific Economic Bulletin, 2009, 24 (1): 27-48.

Exchange Rate Pass-through in Papua New Guinea [PDF]
with Jacob Marambini, Williamina Nindim and Jeffrey Yabom
Pacific Economic Bulletin, 2006, 21 (1): 20-37.