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  • Mentor Meeting Slides (September 2020)
  • Two Truths and a Lie

  • EC402 - Econometrics for MSc Economics

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    Times are on Moodle for my group office hours. If you want to talk to me privately for any reason, drop me an email and (subject to my time limitations), I'll see what I can do.

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  • Ragvir's Speaking Notes

    Anything I provide on my webpage may be considered unofficial content. The materials you need for EC402 are all on Moodle. I am only providing this OPTIONAL EXTRA support material as a gesture of goodwill.

    Please note that I have no control over what is or is not examinable in Autumn Term. I just tend to share whatever is in my brain that I think will be useful for your education. For questions about examinability of specific topics, please refer to materials on Moodle and direct any questions to the lecturer.

    For Autumn Term

    AT, WEEK 2

  • Vassilis PS1 (Notes)

  • AT, WEEK 3

  • Vassilis PS2 (Notes)

  • AT, WEEK 4

  • Vassilis PS3 (Notes)

  • AT, WEEK 5

  • Vassilis PS4 (Notes)

  • AT, WEEK 6

  • Vassilis PS5 (Notes)

  • AT, WEEK 7

  • Vassilis PS6 (Notes)

  • AT, WEEK 8

  • Vassilis PS7 (Q1 and Q2)
  • Typo: PS7 Q2a -- It shouldn't be the variance that is used throughout -- it should be SD of course.

  • Q4

  • AT, WEEK 9

  • Vassilis PS8

  • AT, WEEK 10

  • Vassilis PS9

  • AT, WEEK 11

  • Vassilis PS10


  • Episode 1: Gentle Intro to Asymptotics (Notes)
  • Episode 2: Pain in the Asymptotics (Notes)
  • Episode 3: Pushing Limits (Notes)
  • Director's Cut: CLT on Steroids (Optional Scary Notes)

  • MISCELLANEOUS UPLOADS (by student request)

  • FWL Theorem (Common Question)
  • Pivotal Functions (Common Question)

  • For Winter Term

    (Nothing here yet.)